Why is there no separation from recess to classroom?

November 22, 2021

In life, do we learn only when we are taught something or do we learn from everything we see or experience at all times?

We believe that the Open Learning School learning model is a metaphor for life.

Because if we learn at any time and in any place, there can be no separation between the playground and the classroom.

The classroom can, in fact, be a place of learning. However, it is certain that it is not limited to that, since children learn much more outside of it, by seeing, touching, experiencing and above all by relating to other children.

Playing is one of the main sources of knowledge, especially those involving imagination. When playing game of “pretend”, for example, children act out everything that emphasizes their relationships. What in real life goes unnoticed by the child, becomes a rule of behavior through play. These acquisitions will, in the future, become your basic level of real and moral action.

Unlike the class, which is closed and emphasizes the individual, recess guarantees free and spontaneous interaction, and it is in this way that the child expands his knowledge and develops at socio-emotional, physical-motor, creative and community levels.

At Open Learning School, children learn when they interact with the world, when they relate to each other, when they have new experiences, when they observe nature and, above all, when they have the motivation and genuine interest in a new discovery.

Our learning model does not separate time and space.

After all, what better place to learn than the world around us?

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