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Why does education need to change?

It has been said for many years that traditional education is not up to date and that it is not suited to the real needs of nowadays students. But why?

What needs to change in School and in education in general? Why does everyone see that change is necessary but no one takes the next steps? What kind of education do we want?

The answer to all these and other questions in a dynamic and passionate talk that questions what was apparently unquestionable in education.

Digital in Education: Solution or Problem?

New technologies are here to stay and we can no longer think of a world without computers, tablets or cell phones.

But how can we use these fantastic but also “dangerous” devices? Are digital tools a solution or a problem? How can they be used in an educational context? From what age? What is their potential for children’s development?

Technology as a catalyst for change and a tool for success in a talk with experts in education and technology.

How to create the best school in the world?

We all have our vision of what we envision as the ideal school. But in fact, few manage to translate the vision of the best school on paper or in actions.

But what is the best school in the world like? Is there such a thing as “The ideal school”? What should this school be and shouldn’t be like? Does the ideal school depend on money or on the will and passion for education?

In this engaging, captivating and surprising lecture, we will do a profound exercise about the school that we all dream of, having the audience as a crucial element.

Learning Communities

The desire to learn is ancestral. Learning and being able to teach is the biggest breaker of social and economic barriers.

But how can we contradict the social elevator through a strong community? Is it possible to learn better in a community than in a school? What is the role of the community in the development of children, young people and families? Will education be everyone’s responsibility?

José Pacheco speaks openly and passionately about his journeys through the most remote cities and towns in Brazil and Portugal in the search for dissemination of learning communities, and what he learns from all the people on his path.

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